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Play-Based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)­­­​

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-based treatment that has been widely used to enhance the lives of children with developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder. At LifeLab Kids, play and leisure activities are utilized to teach needed skills that will benefit the child’s life. Within our child-led program, each client’s treatment is individually tailored to ensure their success!


The goals of Play-Based ABA are:


To create an engaging and fun environment for the child


Promote confidence and independence to make choices


To shape new positive behaviors

Benefits to Child

School Readiness

  • Coping skills; deep breathing, mindfulness, and self-calming techniques
  • Communicating and listening
  • Following direction
  • Focusing on tasks
  • Following schedules and routines


  • Communicating wants and needs to others
  • Recognizing and labeling items in our environment
  • Understanding how things work and their relation to us

Independent Living Skills

  • Learning how to brush their teeth
  • Dressing themselves
  • Eating
  • Using the bathroom

Social Skills

  • Learning how to play with peers, taking turns and sharing
  • Communicating with others
  • Understanding others perspective

Play and Leisure Skills

  • Interact with others via play and leisure activities
  • Developing independence in leisure activities
  • Extend the amount of time spent doing appropriate leisure activities

Family Guidance

  • Collaborate with providers to develop treatment that fits your needs
  • Find support for challenges in the home and community
  • Learn more about your child’s therapy and how you can bring learning into the home